I work with leaders to craft a long-term vision for their team and build adaptable development programs to help realize it.

The work will rely on invested leadership as a foundation.

I’ve spent most of my career developing and leading high-performance military teams that provide 24/7/365 management of complex systems and enable nationwide emergency response in the event of attacks on our homeland. First and foremost among the lessons I learned was the value of leadership in developing new team members into engaged, empowered decision-makers.

My approach to your organization will be informed by my experience building teams from scratch and leading them through the unknown to solve more complex problems every day.

My unique perspective allows me to immerse myself in your industry.

I have been an avid study of leadership, management practices, and development throughout my 20 years’ professional experience. And I’ve worked in diverse range of fields:

  • Aviation operations and military command and control
  • Commercial support to genetics and molecular biology research laboratories
  • Customer service training for the highly-competitive hospitality industry
  • Design of seminar and computer-based training programs
  • Organizational change management and strategy

Your industry and audience will vary in experience, education, and priorities. My perspective helps me enable your team to deliver for them.

Crafting a vision and building a program is only the beginning. Long-term success comes from your team members’ abilities to carry on as leaders in their own right.

Since 2014, I have focused on the development of leaders and trainers equipped to deliver their own programs well after our time together has ended. I help provide tools your team can use to keep the momentum going indefinitely.

Every team is unique, every organization faced with a different set of problems.

I apply more than a decade of analysis and problem-solving practice to identify your core needs, develop a range of options, and create a custom solution.