Are you ready?

Learning about leadership is one thing. Implementing those lessons is altogether different. Helping you lead better and reach the next level is what I do.

You and Your Team

As a licensed trainer and coach with the John Maxwell Team, I bring decades of experience and tailored lessons to you and your team. Find out more here and contact me for a free consult!

Current Programs

Speaking and Group Training
Bring the world’s best leadership and mentoring to your organization
I’ll work with you to develop a keynote or training session for a large audience. We’ll discuss the fundamentals of invested leadership and actionable steps each person can take to lead better.

Team Building and Dynamics
Apply the DISC Methodology
I’m also a licensed DISC trainer and can apply the personality assessment and training method to your team, whether you’re all new to working with each other or have been together for years. Especially useful for senior executive teams or small businesses looking to expand.

Individual Coaching
Push yourself to new heights
You and I work one-on-one to apply fundamental lessons every day. We’ll work together as peers to develop you into the leader you want to be for your team at work or at home.

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