Would You Trade Tomorrow for $1M?*

*Question borrowed from Brad Lea, entrepreneur, CEO, and host of the Dropping Bombs podcast. If you’re here looking for my next book recommendation and lessons in leadership, fear not–I’ll be back next week with a discussion about learning. In the meantime, it’s Thanksgiving … depending on when you read this, you might be somewhere inContinue reading “Would You Trade Tomorrow for $1M?*”

“Vision” Isn’t License to Dismiss Reality (Part II)

We left off in Part I with a once-in-a-career opportunity. The chance to prove how awesome the missile operations community could be. My generation’s golden opportunity the make a better world for the crewmembers to come after us. Like my peers in similar units across the ICBM force, I was charged with assembling a newContinue reading ““Vision” Isn’t License to Dismiss Reality (Part II)”