The original Enabled Word started in 2018. We were a small business dedicated to leadership and team training, speaking, and consulting. We published a few articles, established a minor social media presence, and had barely struck a chord with a handful of subscribers before having to hang up the jersey and put the project on pause. To spare you the details, we weren’t ready–I wasn’t ready, as the business owner and a leader seeking to help other leaders. I had more to learn, more growth to undertake, and not enough vision into the future.

As is the case for thousands of others, 2020 did a lot to change my outlook and push me into the direction I had only vague notions of two years ago. As companies, non-profits, and governments, we lack leadership. It’s not that we don’t have enough people in those top and middle “management” positions. It’s that we haven’t prepared them to lead. Not themselves, nor the people whose lives and livelihoods are entrusted to them. If you’ve ever been part of a large organization, you’ve likely experienced continuing education and training programs. Developed by HR, contracted by HR or a manager somewhere, or pursued as a prerequisite for advancement in rank and status. These courses aim to “prepare you for the next step” in your career and “enable” your leadership to succeed at increasing levels of responsibility. The efforts are most often well-intentioned, and most often inadequate. We build courses to the “lowest common denominator” (one of my most hated phrases) in formats easily distributed and measured for completion. It all goes back to metrics, those magical numbers we can list on a slide or spreadsheet–complete with a smile, we can ‘prove’ our worth to our bosses and seal the deal on a future promotion. Leadership requires continuous education. But education is a whole lot more than formal coursework and procedures. Real education also means experiential learning, self-driven exploration, and seeking new information and ideas at your own pace and based on your own questions. This is where I hope the Enabled Word platform can help.

In 2020, I conceived the new Enabled Word as something totally different from its predecessor. While I still build tailored leadership training and coaching through Teach-Train-Lead (coming soon) and as a licensed member of the John Maxwell Team, this platform is focused on enabling self-education and discussing the valuable lessons hidden in everyday stories. Every couple weeks, you’ll find a new entry in the book blog where I review and recommend stories with wide applicability–everything from the ‘traditional’ work in team-building, personal development, and communication, to titles out of ‘left field’ in philosophy, natural science, gaming, and history. Along with a review, I’ll provide my own take on the book’s value to others on a scale of Borrow, Buy, or Gift. “Borrow” books include useful ideas or data, but are not unique enough to warrant spending the money to buy a copy. “Buy” books offer unique ideas, comprehensive analyses of some problem, or represent a thinker’s culmination of research; these books are worth buying to keep on your shelf for future reference or to loan out. “Gift” books occupy the pinnacle position on ever-growing list; they’re filled with unique insights and well-told anecdotes, and either break away from known patterns of behavior or counter a popular narrative or concept. “Gift” books are so good, I would buy more than one so I can give them away myself.

Depending on when you visit, you may not find a lot of content. But we’re building. We’re building a presence, a library of books and self-education tools, and a forum for aspiring leaders to join together in a community of the like-minded. I appreciate you and what you do for others. Thanks so much for stopping by and spending a few minutes browsing the site. Though I know we’re all bombarded with too much information, consider subscribing for a little while to receive the next blog entry or announcement direct to your email. Like any platform, you can cut ties any time you want–I welcome all your feedback, especially the negative stuff. What can I do better, what can the team do better? Your time is precious, so is your experience. Enjoy Enabled Word … live and lead well.

The Wisdom of Others

The future of leadership is braver leaders.

Brené Brown

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

What makes you effective as a leader is not the title you hold. Rather it’s demonstrating an unrelenting focus on helping others succeed in their collective efforts.

Tanveer Naseer

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